Pleasant Grove Community Baptist Church
Sunday, July 21, 2019
We are a bible teaching, a bible believing and bible loving church
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Pastor Sneed- July 7, 2019
Message: A formal invite
Theme: A invitation

Pastor Sneed - July 14, 2019
Message: Jesus the Messiah
Theme: The Messiah

Pastor Sneed - April 21 ,2019
Message: Jesus is the Resurrection 
Theme: Resurrection

Pastor Sneed - April 28, 2019
Message: Tomorrow
Theme: A new beginning

Pastor Sneed- May 5 ,2019
Message: A living sacrifice
Theme: Sacrifice

 Pastor Sneed- May 12, 2019
Message: Mother's day
Theme: A good woman

Pastor Sneed- May 19, 2019
Message: Love of the church
Theme: Love part 2

Rev. Ingram- May 26, 2019
Youth Sunday
Message: God is our present help

Pastor Sneed- June 2, 2019
Message: Pride and disgrace
Theme: Pride

Pastor Sneed- June 6, 2019
Message: Faith in action
Theme: Faith

Pastor Sneed- June 16, 2019
Message: Father's day
Theme: A husband's love

Rev. Ingram- June 23, 2019
Youth Sunday
Message: Thank God for his mercy

Pastor Sneed- June 23, 2019
First Fellowship Baptist Church 20th Anniversary
Message: Waiting on the Lord
Theme: "Growing STRONGER, Growing DEEPER, and Reaching HIGHER"

 Pastor Sneed- June 30, 2019
Message: God's Word
Theme: Hand-me-downs