Pleasant Grove Community Baptist Church
Thursday, December 05, 2019
We are a bible teaching, a bible believing and bible loving church
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Pastor Sneed- December 1,2019
Message: Because of Christ
Theme: I am not the same

Rev. Ingram- November 24,2019      Youth Sunday
Message: Give thanks to God for what you have, and not for what you don't have

Pastor Sneed- November 17,2019
Message:God speaks 
Theme: God still speaks

Pastor Sneed- November 10,2019
Message: Humility vs. Pride
Theme: Humility

Pastor Sneed- November 3,2019
Message: Redeemer
Theme: Jesus is our Redeemer

Rev. Ingram- October 27,2019     Youth Sunday
Message: It's being worked out for us

Pastor Sneed- October 20, 2019   Women's day
Message: Overcomers 
Theme: There is power in the name of Jesus

Pastor Sneed- October 13, 2019
Message: The Church in Pleasant Grove
Theme: The Church in Ephesus

Pastor Sneed- October 6, 2019
Message: Payday is coming
Theme: Work

Rev. Ingram- September 29, 2019
Message: Prayer works

Rev. Ingram- September 22, 2019     Youth Sunday
Message: I've come to say Thank you