Pleasant Grove Community Baptist Church
Sunday, January 26, 2020
We are a bible teaching, a bible believing and bible loving church
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Pastor sneed- January 19th, 2020
Message: Jesus reinstates you
Theme: Reinstated

Pastor Sneed- January 12, 2020
Message: His name is Jesus
Theme: Jesus

Pastor Sneed- January 5,2020
Message: A new life
Theme: The crossover

Rev. Ingram- December 29,2019
Message: What kind of man is this?
Final Sunday of 2019

Rev. Ingram- December 22,2019     Youth Sunday
Message: Did you make room for Jesus?

Pastor Sneed- December 15,2019
Message: Worthy is the Lamb
Theme: Worthy

Pastor Sneed- December 8,2019
Message: What is proper protocol?
Theme: Protocol

Pastor Sneed- December 1,2019
Message: Because of Christ
Theme: I am not the same